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Handbook of Falun Gong Issue

2009-07-14 Source:Kaiwind Auteur:


Ⅰ. The Basics of Falun Gong 
1. The origin of Falun Gong issue 
2. General description of Falun Gong 
3. China's stance on the issue of Falun Gong 
4. Why Falun Gong is a cult 
5. The so-called persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China 

Ⅱ. Is Falun Gong a Religious Issue 
1. Does Falun Gong claim itself to be a religion 
2. How the religious circles look at Falun Gong 
3. How Falun Gong looks at religions 
4. Falun Gong infringes upon citizen's freedom of religious belief 

Ⅲ. Falun Gong's Fallacies 
1.General description 
2. Falun Gong's "no second discipline" 
3. How Falun Gong looks at science 
4. How Falun Gong looks at mankind 
5. How Falun Gong treats family members 
6. How Falun Gong defies laws 
7. How Falun Gong treats human life 
8. How Falun Gong looks at disease 
9. How Falun Gong looks at killings committed by its members 
10. How Falun Gong fabricates "miraculous" stories 

Ⅳ. Falun Gong Breaches Human Ethic and Morality 
1. How Falun Gong views homosexuality 
2. How Falun Gong views the mixed blood 
3. How Falun Gong views alien beings 
4. How Falun Gong views the disabled 
5. How Falun Gong views war and natural disaster 
6. How Falun Gong views charities 

Ⅴ. Falun Gong Impairs the Society 
1. Attacking the civil satellites 
2. Hacking into television broadcasts 
3. Making annoying calls and sending junk emails 
4. Besieging and suing the media home and abroad for criticizing Falun Gong 
5. Harassing persons who have a different view of Falun Gong 

Ⅵ. Falun Gong Violates Human Rights 
1. Does Falun Gong respect human rights 
2. Falun Gong does harm to women 
3. Falun Gong does harm to children 
4. Falun Gong destroys families 

Ⅶ. Cases of Falun Gong's Human Rights Violation 
1. Self-immolation 
2. Self-killings 
3. Homicides 
4. "Expelling the evil" or killing the people 
5. People died of rejecting medical help 
6. Women and children victims of Falun Gong 
7. Falun Gong key members died abroad 
8. Human rights violations committed outside China 

Ⅷ. Falun Gong Incites Racial Hatred 
1. Stirring up hatred for China 
2. Incite racial hatred 

Ⅸ. Falun Gong Becomes an Anti-China Political Organization 
1. Frequently engaged in anti-China activities abroad 
2. Viciously driving wedges between China and other countries 
3. Gradually turning into a political tool 

Ⅹ. Rumors Fabricated by Falun Gong 
1. "Sujiatun Concentration Camp Incident" 
2. "Report on organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners" 
3. "Three Quits" propaganda 
4. Selected cases of Falun Gong practitioners who suffered from "persecution" 

Ⅺ. Falun Gong's Cultic and Political Agitprop 
1.How Falun Gong looks at arts 
2. "Divine Performing Arts Show," a political propaganda of Falun Gong 
3. "Global Competition Series," a sheer political fraud 
4. Mouthpieces of Falun Gong 
5. Lodging false accusations and filing abusive lawsuits outside China 

Ⅻ. Public Opinions on Falun Gong 
1. People in China 
2. People outside China 
3. Former backbones of Falun Gong 
4. Former Falun Gong practitioners 
5. Chinese experts 
6. International experts, scholars and cultic study figures 
7. Foreign media 

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Handbook of Falun Gong Issue