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Perspective on Falun Gong's Mental Control

2010-09-28 Source:Kaiwind Auteur:





Chapter 1  General Description of Mental Control 

Section 1 Definition of Mental Control 

Section 2 Mechanism of Mental control 

Section 3 Purpose of Mental Control 


Chapter 2  Main Contents of Falun Gong's Mental Control 

Section 1 Information Control

Section 2 Behavior Control 

Section 3 Thought Control

Section 4 Emotional Control


Chapter 3  Psychological Mechanism of Falun Gong's Mental Control 

Section 1 Who Are Most Likely to Become Falun Gong Practitioners

Section 2 Reasons Why Falun Gong Practitioners under Control 

Section 3 Psychological Analysis on Falun Gong's Mental Control 


Chapter 4  Course and Measures of Falun Gong's Mental Control 

Section 1 How Li Hongzhi Makes up Falun Gong

Section 2 Study on Language System of Falun Gong's Mental Control 

Section 3 Analysis on Process of Falun Gong's Mental Control 


Chapter 5  Damages Caused by Falun Gong's Mental Control 

Section 1 Damages Caused by Falun Gong's Mental Control on Practitioners 

Section 2 Falun Gong's Mental Control Does Harm to Family Members

Section 3 Falun Gong's Mental Control Does Harm to Innocent People

Section 4 Falun Gong Infringes the Interests of Society and Public


Chapter 6  Getting away from Falun Gong's Mental Control

Section 1 Improving Psychological Treatment by Using Foreign Practice 

Section 2 Breaking away from Falun Gong's Mental Control

Section 3 Using Psychological Principles to Convert Practitioners

Section 4 How to Eliminate Practitioners' Dependence on Falun Gong

Section 5 How to Return to the Real Self




Incidents Shock the World


In the early 1990s, an organization self-called Falun Gong came into being and expanded quickly across China. Coming from Changchun City, Jilin Province, the founder of this organization Li Hongzhi claims himself to be the "Sovereign Buddha of the Universe." But in fact, with a primary school education, Li was originally nothing but a clerk of Changchun Grain and Oil Supply Company.


At the primary stage, Falun Gong had in its heyday as many as two million followers in mainland China. Being indoctrinated with Li Hongzhi's cultivation theories, more and more Falun Gong practitioners suffered from physical or mental problems, which eventually sparked off social unrests and human tragedies that shocked the world.


On April 25, 1999, over 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners gathered at Beijing and besieged Zhongnanhai—a complex of buildings where top Chinese leaders both live and work. The incident shocked the whole world.


This protest, or the April 25 Incident, was directly triggered off by Li Hongzhi's instigation, "This is the last chance for practitioners to reach Consummation. So the more people participate, the better."


On January 23, 2001, the Eve of Chinese Lunar New Year, at about 14:41, seven Falun Gong practitioners from Kaifeng City of Henan Province, conducted self-immolation collectively at Tian'anmen Square to "reach Consummation" and "go into heavens," resulting in two deaths and three seriously injured.


This human tragedy, or the self-immolation incident, again arose from Li Hongzhi's teachings, "If you can let go of life and death, you're a God; if you can't let go of life and death, you're a human." (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia)


On November 25, 2001, a rare family tragedy occurred in an apartment building in Xicheng District, Beijing. Fu Yibin, a practitioner obsessed with Falun Gong, not only seriously wounded his mother who had brought him up, but also killed his father and wife, both loving him deeply. After the massacre, Fu refused to come to his senses, saying he only regretted that he had not fully discharged his responsibility of "saving the old lady to the heaven," because his mother survived in the killing.


This massacre also resulted from Li Hongzhi's doctrines, "A portion of the lives that you harmed will become beings in the paradise you will have after you Consummate…If the to-be-harmed life knew, ‘Oh, I'll go to a Buddha's paradise in the future,' it would stretch its neck out to let you kill it. It would happily, cheerfully let you kill it." (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland)


Guan Shuyun, female, came from Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. On April 22, 2002, Guan claimed her 8-year-old daughter Dai Nan was possessed by "evil spirits" when she practiced Falun Gong together with more than 40 fellow practitioners. To drive out the so-called "evil spirits," she and her fellow practitioners cruelly strangled the little girl.


This cruelty occurred simply because of Li Hongzhi's words, "You can not cultivate well if the demon interferes. The wretched demons just deserve to be killed." (Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)


In January 2001, Hu Guangying, a 59-year-old retiree, suffered from a common skin disease but firmly refused to see a doctor or take medicine. Soon her wound was festering and she died of infection.


The sorrow happened for blindly following Li Hongzhi's teachings, "Karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations"(Zhuan Falun);"Once ill, the person takes medicine or seeks various kinds of treatments, which in effect press the sickness back into the body again." (Essentials for Further Advancement)


On September 4, 1998, Ma Jianmin, aged 54, a retiree from Huabei Oilfield, cut open his belly with a pair of scissors at home, looking for "Falun" (the Law Wheel), and died as a result.


The startling case took place because Ma totally believed in Li's promise, "The Law Wheel that I plant in a cultivator's lower abdomen rotates constantly, twenty-four hours a day. The Law Wheel helps cultivators cultivate automatically." (The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa)



By April 12, 2000, there had been 1,559 victims of Falun Gong died of suicide or rejecting medical treatment; 651 suffered from mental disorders; 11 killed others; and 144 became disabled. Up to now, these figures have been continuing to rise.


Today, the absolute majority of Falun Gong practitioners have willingly separated themselves from Falun Gong after seeing through the true color of Li Hongzhi; and some others, after the Chinese government's ban on the cult and with the kind help of the whole society, have also broken away with Falun Gong. But there is still a very small number of Falun Gong practitioners trapped in the cult organization, unable to extricate themselves out of the scourge. And this is because of mental control, also known as mind control, which is a common but mysterious and extremely powerful weapon possessed by all the cult organizations.


Therefore, this book, in the light of specific theory and practice of Falun Gong, is intended to study the subject of mental control, to reveal the true story of how Falun Gong cruelly tortures its followers through mental control and, to find out effective ways of freeing them from cultic mental control.